Spherical optics


- Plano-convex

- Plano-concave

- Bi-convex

- Bi-concave

- Meniscus

Items can be produced in accordance with ISO10110, ISO1101, DIN3140, MIL-O13830.



- Optical glass - Schott, Ohara, Corning, Hoya

There are always more than 35 Schott glass types on stock.

- Fused silica - Lithosil Q0,Q1 Schott; Corning 7980 UV; Hereaus

- Silicon

Dimensions: 2 mm to 150 mm diameter or diagonal

Thickness tolerance: +/- 0,02 mm

Radii tolerance: +/- 0,3%

Surface accuracy: L/20 depending on configuration of the particular item.

Surface cosmetic quality: 10-5 MIL-O-13830A or 5/3x0,063 ISO10110-7

Centration: 0,5 arc min

Coating: on request